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aspect that i can take that stealing is just too new and it makes the networks to work on in each seat. he wrote continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks. windmill and moving with them. been it is six one. what she knew was with brian got some time to blog all taken. full bodied seven hundred and forty thousand euro payment for the crc minister for health says all available options will be used to try to get the money back. ago
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that the agency would pursue if the pursuit of whatever means is that open to them this belief condemnation and anger among politicians see aussie staff and parents the payment of seven hundred and forty two thousand and she grabbed a sense of how the food was great to hear that's the african troops. a jury in edinburgh finds an irishman killed his mother and give her five eighth hospital by psychiatry to assess his condition. the government says reform of the juniors cycle with it snowed but teachers are still considering industrial action teachers worry if the consistency of time teachers worry about their students. an electorate with the sun to talk to her today the back of my distaste and irish experiment on the apollo sixteen mission to the moon and set the national
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museum. it was pretty terrific success and was a facade of space experiment. i knew. welcome to six long before the boss of the centro remedial critic told kylie is coming under increasing pressure to hand back to retirement payments of almost three quarters of a million euro. the package on the most part from china donations was revealed that the google accounts committee yesterday this evening the minister for health james reilly said that all available options will be used including the guard duty and the civil courts to try to get the money back. disbelief and shock combination in anger at the accounts committee yesterday after revelations about the seven hundred and forty pence in your own package the former chief executive of the crc told
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kylie today the minister for finance and polish to echo those sentiments. it's important that material is this government is determined two white oak we don't the practices of us. she stated a cold for the fuller meant to be repaid in kicking the money paid to revenue to feed a funny show also gave his reaction was first noted the money should be that far and i think it's beyond any mark on this and this afternoon the minister for health dept no one in any task that the money should be returned. but this is christmas chavez is that we will use all available options and tools including covert enforcement and the cacti and the civil courts to try and it is funny they are around or tea review the head of the heat to cck what awaits the outcome of the review which in turn administration of your seat who was acquitted by the heat to see our boy after the war the documentation available to the school will be sitting next to the different baby there are many questions to
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be asked about the former but legality of some of the decisions of the blades will be looking into all those things reported begun taking what's the most part meanwhile the chairman of the pacific and skinny she said today the term administration he tuesday and that committee should be allowed to compete their work first before any other decisions are made. once the purport of the creepier than pumping then anything can happen after that. there were also strong words for this and insisted today that that complying with pumping heat policy. also whether we need to speed on them completely. by the end of mulch to miss but still compete for the boys fundamental questions about the mix of our relationship was that since they're off to me mean. well you do will call into question whether we can continue to sell them in the way that we do now. he'll fly in turns up to see your seo all attention and would be on that in turn administrators for ports are tickets are fourteen years parents of children receiving treatment at the cic have said they are
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heartbroken at the latest revelations staff have also spoken of their ups and find out that actually stayed the entire sector has been affected. i guess this is only through the downstairs a well known commentator on security and international affairs. dr tom coleman like many parents who use the services of the crc is described as heartbreaking the revelations of the payment of pensions. his eleven year old son owen the recipient of help there stalin's the whole family is help with fund raising drives me if you get involved in fund raising costs and the arts all the centers of christmas. the revelations on the use of seven hundred and forty two thousand and one which is a greater sense of the car off the phone was raised in one year. yup that's the african troops moon began our little boy two weeks for years and for a new future. a mother who
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was seventeen month old son needs to service with this plea for continued support on rte radio this morning i spent people i know money is scarce and people don't have money to get some plans to tear a piece to dump us to focus on streets. to get used to think of my shell and michael sheen and i don't she look like it. i can only speak seriously. the crc and on top. and parents were keen to point out the higher level of service remains despite the still want to merge to be very upset at us and really analyze the data mission into the open air. and let me go in there trying to work his way. you know as normal because sammy. in the first time sitting to theirs. i think he's i think this event if the seed beads. thus it can be so soon. this is his
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decision was to get enough of that. to keep the costs of umbrella group representing almost one thousand charities said today the us ninety seven percent of its members believe the revelations that the crc had damaged the sector. they say there's no urgent need for an implementation plan that timeline for the introduction of the county's regulator. i believe the conflict will not and gotten the causes and charities that they support it. that duty is to make a really hot super speedy address the situation to thinking and thinking these many groups of supporters to call those us to see or see though hoping new management of the fresh start would be enough to provide for those who rely on all surfaces. ray kennedy rte news. jessica cars and took my chances sharon johnson since today i'm liking it and return their call for this pt of time and duff a cherished piece of bacon and cheese you have some new stuff. that's right there the department of justice has issued a statement saying that the minister is going to point that the board of the new charge these registry of course eat before easter
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and aussie to taste being brought to court because there has been left with the condition of pressure and cause the charges had to do that too much of all of these revelations and turns that of c or c we heard today increase because the money paid to be repainted some very strong comments from the minister for health today saying that basically they would use all available options to attend the kitchen carpet of force and albuquerque and the civil court to get a decent money back that outside of the police got there we ate the entire administration appears he is continuing his work with the lingo stock and to top the agenda of the sikh who can conduct of the portly team at which it does package was agreed in a confidentiality agreement was sanctioned that the because committee which get their hands on those minutes and had at the agency said today that the winner will get them to mrs packer but the administration were told is sitting in front of an adult of documents and other seek the state of the stockings has to be very important which though it is challenging you for teaching
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to compete his orders within the next three months might tickets are thinking. fully meeting his teacher uses a the deposit of education said it will slow down the yukon perform with the juniors cycle in the second the schools it will also provide more training to teachers but the unions say that that is appointed the outcome today's meeting with the department. what concessions offered by the department of education at today's meeting more training for teachers and a slowing down of the pace of change but those confessions happens been enough to assuage the consent of the second level teacher trade unions. we have not been addressed today. we're very disappointed but that's an hour and i mean honestly say it again and again teachers worry about consistency of standards and teachers worry about their day to serve the students that has been no effort to address our sympathy heard today. the acc so no real movement on two key areas of consenting to the trade unions. the one that signed
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the choir spoke about their introduction of school based assessment and secondly the issue of the loss of crucial middle management posts in school and as a result of recent cutbacks. we wouldn't need it to have heard something very concrete only sources have confirmed that the decision to dallas has already been taken if we didn't hear what we want to be here and here today. so now it's a question of to put him in the mythology that to be used to work in analogy to use with a faceted its ui with it the same members of this i think we probably would be a storm management bodies however have welcomed today's proposal but then what are the key things with three sec reform program is that there's a shift from their contents written content to developing skills your skin's the creativity learning her to learn teamwork it sector among young people. takes a whole changing cloture and spoons we think that the proposed a goal a good distance course helping schools to implement
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the clincher change. on the issue of stopping resources department education have stressed this disc and a six to twenty wasilla think the new program and kelley fourteen years the department of education the irishman has been found guilty of killing his mother and baring her dismembered body in a shallow grave thing that number fourteen euro in jamestown levy was convicted of killing for the mean a tendency in april last year the remains of charlemagne that don levy were found in a shallow grave on the outskirts of edinburgh last june. today her son was found guilty of killing her for two year olds james toney be stewart's trial for murder was found guilty of culpable homicide on grounds of diminished responsibility it tonight. during his sixty six year old mother to death in his flat in edinburgh last year. this is the navy had left her home in merino into been entered in april to visit her eldest son in scotland. her remains were discovered by a cyclist
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that's two months of police inquiry. she was only identified after officers produced a reconstruction of her face. medics could not have had too tight. chart states is james indeed be inflicted on force trauma compressed his mother's throat and cut off her head and legs the jury convicted him by matte jersey of a reduced charge of culpable homicide. we also found him guilty of an attempted cover up. he attended his mother was unwell and returns turn ends. but instead he brought her dismembered body core stuff and hail in a suitcase where he buried her. this is the navy's husband son brother stateside and that's the verdict was announced james toney be sitting in the top stared straight ahead joe torre did he remain in the state hospital website prior to its continued to assess his condition. he's due back in court in april although friend. rte news
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equipment from an experiment that was brought to the moon on the apollo sixteen mission in nineteen seventy two has been handed over to the national museum of ireland. the experiments the first item to be sent to the moon was designed like to cut taxes for the dublin institute of advanced studies gotta go for a while ago people twenty seven to nineteen seventy two apollo sixteen touches stand on the moon on board a host of experiments including one designed by two irish scientists professors denis o'sullivan and alex thompson these are in. true to it even take his experiment consisted of several detectors with plates designed to measure cosmic rays high energy particles originating outside our solar system from the moon and and to see us know. the bag over the moon in mandarin lesson there for a number of foreigners exposed to the cosmic rays and every touch of radars number of
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raids in the last analysis on experiment is only possible on the moon because it happens here for taxis from cosmic rays they would for the first irish pub and things that this was the first measurement of the beast but the craziness this week and actually having and so to speak amongst them was the material which had been in a separate state. was it. the experiments was to freeze the start of a pride history of irish involvement in space experimentation with professor o'sullivan of those sending of more than a dozen for their experiment into space with nonsense and european space agency mission and state the experiment aren't related artifacts were given to the notch in the sea and by the professors to be kept with other irish based treasures we do hold pieces of the moon is for tickets to the irish people in the next museum. we also have a connection means he writes is not true lumps of rock the full words and some of those in facts are actually reach me from the moon from mars. the experiment will be on display right away but
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the museum openings feinstein and space. but hold a special exhibition. will the body are teens. a woman and her surgeries has been killed and a child injured after they were hit by a fiasco in dublin this afternoon the summer so the woman was pushing a crown with a small child told the main dublin road into town for a camp and they were struck. the funeral has taken place and practical way of an irishman who died after an assault in australia twenty two year old thomas kean ephraim buddy kenny and tentacle a died in hospital in perth the twenty eighth of december. keep in his hand the head during an incident outside a fast food restaurant. the twenty two year old man has been charged in connection with the attack more now on the cic payment to the moment but be speaking to labour td robert dance to some the accounts committee attrition is hussey has this report on how the controversy dependent. in december politicians in the unlike were shocked to discover that the former bulls a c or c
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poll of kindy had received a two hundred friends and you will pay off when he stepped down last year. it came to light after controversy erupted over top up payments made to mr kiley and other executives which it come from charitable donations the former bulls appeared before the accounts committee to face questioning. i was asked about the two hundred tons in your lump sum digitally crumbs. tombstone was coming from their homes two weeks. it was december and only the tip of the iceberg it now appears yesterday a far more stunning reality was revealed as it emerged that the former c or c chief received a great time and pay off more than three times what he
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previously disclosed the memo said. in two instalments of foreign and fifty thousand euro and two hundred and fifty thousand euro was ok but the friends and supporters of the crc there was this girly and braxton turned the colts as a donation the minutes of the friends and supporters was not recorded and produced donation. it represents almost half its annual income buddy the board of directors the demons. up to mr currie he could not have the need to put the crc is to seven hundred thousand euro had not been received from the friends and support. so why do we known that with the package of over seven hundred tonnes and your a was agreed by the board in march of last year. it was suntec to the confidentiality agreements. want to date includes a two hundred thousand euro tax free lump sum payment of over two hundred and seventy three
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thousand euro which was taxable. then there was a further payment of two hundred and sixty eight hasn't your attendance is to ensure that mr kiley would get a pension of nearly one hundred present your early years because he was taking any retirements. the final pensions pale came to over seven hundred thousand euro and was disclosed in the sea or sees it tough because as a donation. so who knew about this company c yesterday mr kiley successor brian coleman who himself stood down in december along with the rest of the boys since he wasn't aware of the payment on to it yesterday morning. your memorable moments. he knew nothing about so what next the agency has appointed an interim administration to rome to see your seat. it is taking legal advice and is not turning and looking for the return of the money or else seeking the advice of
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the coyote. she made causing fourteen years. let's stay with us because we're joined here in studio by labour party deputy robert does has a member of the as committee nd w tre wh us to put storm the evidence several work was set was delivered day yesterday on additional eu told todayn a c or c schools the enormity of the staff and many of the students put a concrete actions. they own shop. above a comparatively players from the time i heard at the revelations about this almost records remain in the pension lump sum. i mean i would say it's called cutting across the airwaves in fact the morning go and help us get into the real told us at tt and crc and the church t secr are in it i really important to do that now the people i work with her pops into devastation like this. they are so good to all they have
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readers of the service co but they have two that are subject to head into rolls and attitude to local press which the school because of course to get to introduce this is dosed as the stills accident can only accept proposals come from. and we most get to a state where we move to a better place it was really struck me is the fact that their team. the force was a very tight and its self appointed group affected me and we need in the crc. of course which represents all the different interests whether they beat the students the staff of all different types the causes of the great variety of stock and teachers. special needs assistant who have physio snore system so on. it's really important to a new type of course the central on the hsc have a great opportunity here. hey they were very slow off the mark of this but know that they are working on it. they have a great opportunity to to put
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the crc and other roman stations and better. there are still questions the pig is fair to say on answer questions about this this whole episode. who knew paul was the level of knowledge of the board how important is this that is as far as you're concerned that these four board members rumpled honeycomb nike and then on to these questions fact that one can sense of i mean. there's no question that both of the accounts committee where mr heads before christmas and they were given a very partial to him. most of the truth comes. the most common and explain themselves i mean in some countries this would lead to an off market trades. so i think in terms of the future just funny for that for the crc you believe it should continue to be a restructured opal stand alone organization you would and you wouldn't support the calls that we've had today for two before he bolted to the agency handled by them whether their problems of our organizations like the crc and an avatar nutritionist similar work for
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me there. i think his case to bring those two together what the problem of presents this epic in under the hsc is that there is a very big department of education involvement in the crc as well. so i think there is a case or having a board just rudy rep sets of of all the different interests but in the spoon and on the can to conserve supplies nor does he really did look cute actor jeremy irons has been made in honoring cocoa and irons who has lived part time and went school for the past twenty five years was on a typical people of the year awards. he's won on skates those include any time today during the times he spends much of the year it's cold outside speakers mean accepted the awards. on a week or month. a huge pleasure cute on him. i'm on a blur and remember that
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the tactical ideas. and i will work to do. but at least mounting on record maybe no exception. in recent years jeremy irons developed calico canceled from ruins to the place he now calls home what it means i have a place where i've grown. i'm a place where i'm. surrounded by people who sent me four tim in all the fame that surrounds you or whatever. it is a very very special place on broad chest. when the sun shines as it is doing today the kids. yep our house. it is accepted speaks the actors spoke at the heart to seeing some of its west cork neighbors newstead tops. he called for more thoughts about where is the nation. we want to be in the future. it is on this. this is what we
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want me to this the team. yes this is only half off. so i'm leaving. all of these gurus us. also at the awards ceremony world champion rates will drop this meant was named for personnel here this award on renaming the loss of muscle tone. i included it in the us. jody harding fourteen years for muscle muscle this even more of course the mind but to one two a time when a day full of team. mcguinty the ch ch
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the hour. err err. marvel each of my duties will pull you to suffer from. the young adults affected. in a country that has to take attendance in conflict with little or no credit to me because this is only a small number that
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would be paid up to the basket. according to cable. i couldn't have picked the development of the gospel in kochi. more than two my second born and raised in mogadishu police holidays to the uk has returned to his country to perform a life changing. i executed. so what's inside the international medical organization that stands on twenty eight or any sense of duty said the man and his team in the form content of the haitian student in the future. the unit unnoticed by mrs. and that includes. then two hundred it is this. i decided on this is this going soon. and oh i sneeze. this is. this piece. for me so my life is a
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daily struggle. if you're blind the couple becomes even more you cannot go to school oh what a time and even he could not get funding. anti mohammad keeper he gazed into my new toy. eight months ago he was in the mexican penalty sky and he's right. because of the scheme was no longer able to come and provide focused on me. he has traveled over fifty dollars to compensate century. after being screened by the telco is he he's given them up and made cookies for production it's the journey itself takes only two teammates bill papal now demands that easy to keep the team on his mission is due more to list the penalty fee show aspiring to be chilled to the next week and give him back inside. for those of the good must come to fruition. coop. what does it
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still stood. the team spent abt five pm and costs and a small feast and two ten pm to but because me he seemed to him on stage he said. he is not homeless. google. it's a long line. these conferences strong winds. my folks house although some of his own future the reason is not too long does. are you excited sentences. he didn't stop
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the protests. to sell more and incest team along with these allow things to attend to. we need to position can change someone's life. new meaning when will we will need one. i am. it's.
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starvation years i had to put on a belt so i sat talking for you on friday the seventeenth oct entity estimates back tears viennese


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